Hey guys
I know theres a couple of tools out there that allows you to obtain IP addresess by using one pc to obtain the others.like sitting infront of the admin pc and getting the IP address of eg pc1. Im looking for a free tool that is very straight forward. any admins that can share some tools by referencing me to a site
thanks in advance

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what exactly is it you want to do, obtain all ip adresses of pc in the network? because if thats so id advise just logging on to your router.

thats right. but sometime I dont want to walk to the router end and just want to check it from my node(as admin assistant).if you know a tool drop me a name please fella and ill look for it

You can check from pc without tool. just type internal ip adress of your router in your web browser address bar. usually or something like that. you can find out what the internal address of you router is by runnning command promt or going run then typing cmd.

in this window type ipconfig /all
note: there is a space after g
the default gateway address is the one to type in browser and that should take you right to your router from your pc.

Try sending a ping on the broadcast address. The broadcast address is typically the first 3 octets of your IPv4 address, the last octet being 255. So if your IP address is, your broadcast address would be Sending a single ICMP packet to this address should reveal all the computers on your network (at least those without firewalls enabled).

ohk thanks guys will try that

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