I am a BE computer student and needed information for my BE project.
The project is as follows
We are developing a web application for a company. This involves setting up a wi-fi hotpot for the company. So whenever a user enters the wi-fi area , he should be taken to the companies homepage or homepage of our web application irrespective of the webpage typed in his browser.After the 1st page is displayed, the user should be taken thru a series of more pages without allowing him to access the internet. Once he has seen all these mandatory pages he should be allowed internet access.

So i wanted to know about how to redirect the user to our web application homepage and not allow him to visit any other website unless he sees all the mandatory pages.

I thought of disabling the address bar until he sees all the web pages but i dont know how to do it ,

I am using the following

Apache 2.2.8
Tomcat 5
Windows XP sp2

I hav connected Apache and Tomcat.

Plz Help!



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don't crosspost, wannabe criminal.

i am not crossposting simply .... m not sure where my project should be ... coz it includes JSP,Web development and mayb software development. kindly help.


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