Just wanted to introduce myself. New guy today! Retired broadband telecommunications engineer and 25 years in USAF (also retired). Know enough about computers to get into trouble. Stumbled upon this web site while searching for solutions to one of my problems on the web. Looks like a great place, especially after having read some of the postings. While reading, I think I may have found my problem's solution. I'll give it a try.

In the meantime, I'll browse around and read some of the most current postings. Could be that from time to time, I may be able to contribute.

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Hey Ruefuel. Welcome!! :) Old gal from New York here :) Well, not really old, but as old to this forum as it gets. Hehe ;) But in any case, I digress. Welcome and enjoy :)


Many thanks to cscgal, crunchie, and Catweazle for giving me that warm and cozie feeling and making an ol' guy feel welcome. I think I may like it here.

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