I finally decided to build my own computer but have a question. I thought you just put in a new hard drive and installed the os. The seagate hdd that I want to buy has a discwizard starter edition disc. Do I really need this to get started or can I just do the os. What are the benefits of the starter disc? Is there any good site on the science of building your own computer that tells you the best steps in putting it together? Thanks.

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Im not even sure what that disc your talking about is, if I were you I would just hook her up and install the OS, so yes you can just directly install your OS on it(which probably be the best idea). here is a really good guide on how to put your own pc together http://www6.tomshardware.com/howto/20020904/ (Ive been referred to this by moderators of this site so it is reputable). And also if you havent bought your parts yet, you should, as anyone will tell you, buy your parts all from the same place at the same time to cut down on shipping costs. Plus its just easier that way. Well good luck and happy PC building :D


I believe that cd formats the hdd and creates a partition and gets it ready for loading whatever OS you plan to use, I would use that first then load your OS. And please correct me if im wrong because im not 100% sure.


Sometimes to drive installation programs can create future issues...

I would only use it if your drive is bigger than your bios supports or a similar conflict...

Try it without the drive overlay tool...

I am helping another user here that is fighting to get the drive overlay off her computer so she can do a clean install...

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