Ahh, its soo confusing, I could only see her turning clockwise for about 10 minutes at first, then I could only see her going anti-clockwise..
which way do you see her turning :confused: ??


try imagining the shadow turning anti-clockwise, that helps to see it the other way :)

That's crazy. If I look at it I see it going clock wise, then if I look at the shadow I see it going anti clock wise. Its to the point that I can make it go which ever direction I want it to.

Your crazy - she is turning clockwise
I'm crazy - she is turning counterclockwise
now she is turning CCW but her support foot is turning CW.

Fun optical illusion

She usually starts out CCW for me, then changes to CW after a few seconds. If I look at her from the edge of peripheral vision, she usually goes back to CCW.

She is not dancing on my browser, BRAVO

Clockwise. That girl is gona _____[sensored] you're brains up.;)

It started off CW...took a while before looking CCW for me...

Does that mean that we are all party animals?

May I diverge for a moment?<diverge> - I just spent an hour on that site. Set a time before you enter