Vista is only design.
I will never install vista on my computer. I wish microsoft release some new OS soon.

right. And then you'd install Vista and complain that you'd never install that new OS because it's so bad.

Typical of the slashdot kiddo.

If im not mistaken i think windows is releasing a new OS. I think there calling it windows 9.
I hope they take a step bake and look at what people reallt need. That is performance if you ask me. An Os should allow resources for software not hog it all up for itself.

Anyone hear word on this windows 9 development.

yes you could be right Im not sure what the're calling it. that screen shot looks just like vista to me. Maybe 7 will just fix all the complaints people have about vista.

Oh ya then it would just be 98 wouldnt it.

Nope, windows is and ever shall be a resource hog. That's why it takes a gig of ram to run it and they're not slowing down now. The only problem is that Intel is maxed out. Why do you think their current answer is dual core. Because they can't make a processor fast enough anymore. But that don't stop windows, their newest OS requires several(several!) times what the last one required, and for what. What can you do with Vista that I can't do with XP?

What can you do with Vista that I can't do with XP?

Use all 4 of my cores for example :)

But I agree that's it's a major resource-hog. And it will get worse an worse in the future due to updates. I remember how fast WinXP booted when the SP's and updates weren't included yet ..

I have xp running (or should I say had) on a 500 Mhz cpu and 512 Mb of ram and it ran perfectly. Now you could'nt do anything spectacular with it, but surfin the net listening to music playing movies all worked.

I did however, scrap it and install linux. It is just my f'in around pc. Not even plugged in now actually.

Some friends of mine did some timed testings on various programs about a year ago on Vista versus XP and found that Vista lost horribly on any machine with one gigabyte or less of RAM, but held its own with 2 Gigs and up. They said Vista really shined with its ability to handle multi-core CPUs and beat XP when each had a dual core and two gigs of RAM in the tests where they wrote programs where work could be split easily. Since the trend is almost inevitably going to be more and more multi-core CPUs, I imagine that any Operating System that can't take advantage of them isn't going to last.

The laptop that I bought with Vista had one gig of RAM and I even think that I saw some with 512 megs of RAM bundled with Vista, which was below the minimum recommended requirements for everything but the most basic home version of Vista. Seems like a bad marketing ploy to bundle an operating system with a computer that doesn't have enough resources to handle it well.

I like Vista, besides it's the only think you can get with a new computer. I have a friend who installed Linux three weeks ago, well she still is trying to get it to go. No, she isn't a blonde!

I got gateway AMD quad core with x64 and 6 gb ram. I like the performance index rating where it tells you what part of hardware that's bottlenecking. Right now my graphic card is the lowest rating but I am not too worried about it. I use it mostly for video avchd editing. Vista SP1 will allow you to use flash drive to increase your RAM in addition to the RAM you have. Anything other than vista dumping stuff to hard drive is good enough.

I think upgrading to vista is not recommended but buying a new PC with vista is a way to go.

I bought a new HP quad core with 64-bit Vista Home Premium a week ago because the computer I had finally died. So far no major problems. It just don't play a few games that I was agle to play with the 32-bit version. Also the Flash ActiveX don't install with 64-bit browsers.

Can't run utube videos any more because Flash Player doesn't support 64-bit browsers.

Really, that chews. There must be a way around it?

Can't run utube videos any more because Flash Player doesn't support 64-bit browsers.

I have vista x64 and currently my flash player 9,0,115,0. I watched youtube fine with it

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I've had enough of it because every little thing that happens I loose the sound. So tonight I got rid of it and went back to XP Pro. Glad I had duel booted the two operating systems because it was very easy to get rid of the duel boot option. Right now I'm reformatting my D drive where I had it installed. I also had to uninstall a lot of stuff from XP because they were installed on D drive, which I am now reformatting.

Anyone considerinstalling Vista -- don't. You will have nothing but headaches.

Shoot the politicians?
That is, for the record, a joke.

Vista is good. People that hate vista have older hardware it seems like.

I have problems with vista but it all get solved. Vista works as well as xp just got to get use to it.

It is a pleasure to join this "thing" and I appreciate all of the insightful experience garnered here.

I have some knowledge from college of the frustration in trying to get new computer stuff et al to function. I've been away from troubleshooting networks for some time as my career is somewhat unrelated and my systems have been working pretty good for the last few years.

Well, I just brought in an old friend as a guest. He has Vista. Apparently the wireless on his Vista laptop is very sensitive to low reception, ie it just drops the connection if the power is less than 40%-I've walked all around the house and yard to test this. My 2002 Dell receives well way out in the backyard whereas his Acer will drop from about 50 feet away. Even my 10 year old Toshiba locks on better than his until one of its frequent crashes (I'm no expert and I cannot get the machine back to its original Win98 OS-I'm stuck with XP which is a burden on that old bird)!

Anyway, I have spent most of the day troubleshoooting this and browsing tech-info sites and I found this one to be the most thorough. I remember when 98 stank and 2000 and XP too; I'm, sure this smell will drift away eventually-right? Funny that I would not have found this site had I not googled "sicka vista." Kind of has a ring to it you know.

If you all have any suggestions on getting wireless connectivity from a Vista-Acer (or any) laptop to a Linksys-wrt54g (or any) router it would sure be appreciated. So far all I have found that works is to hang the router from the ceiling in the hallway in front of my guests room or reboot my router/desktop every 45 minutes or so!

Happy Computing...


I've only been on two Vista laptops, mostly to setup the Wi-fi for a couple relatives. I'd say it's about a thousand times better than versions of Windows CE, which will lock-up at the blink of an eye(and they want to use it for medical devices...). So I can't really say I'm displease, yet.

At a quick glance I think I could get used to it.

But there is definately something going on with the wireless "reception".


. What can you do with Vista that I can't do with XP?

I just found out by accident that I can watch Blue-Ray formatted DVD movies on my Vista Home Premium computer without having to download and install any additional programs or plugins. M$ Media Player works like a charm :)

What can you do with Vista that I can't do with XP?

Lots. Here is a few:

You can play DX10 games
You have vastly improved hardware support
Easier to find files
More secure
Better accessibiliy and speech recognition
BitLocker drive encryption
Easier delpoyment with WIM via WDS
Better localisation
Better tablet support
Quicker install
Native wireless support
Native IPv6
Far faster filehsaring with other vista/2008 pcs
Better policy management and admin tools
Looks nicer
Improved power management
Better bundled applications
Easier install due to native SATA/RAID support
Better IIS, Media player and other bundled features

Vista is great, its just that home users tend to have quirky hardware and software and manufacturers are slow to release drivers.

You wil notice that if you look at server 2008, you will see it has almost universal accliam.

i agree ish. vista will be good. or W7 or what ever.

but most people dont need that stuff. they want email and ebay and dont care how they get it as long as is works and is nice if it is fast./

ever notced on a sys req on the side of a game how vista spec is almost 2x xp? not all bad but hey its how things are. i remeber the rave over the 486 when it came out - with a 100 mb hdd or something. insane. such is 'progress'

People said exactly the same thing when when XP came out. They siad it was too flashy and nagging and didnt support lots of apps and games and needed lots of RAM

The exact same thing is happening with vista now. A few years after XP came out people realised that yeah, win9x is crap, and XP became the king.

Same will happen with vista / Win7 in a few years. Mark my words.

Win7 is a stupid name anyway. Its not the 7th version of windows, nor is it even the 7th version of windows NT. its gonna be NT 6.x still.

a lot of companies today still prefer XP because of its compatibility to a lot of programs...but for me.., i havent had any trouble using vista so far...