I have xp currently installed.
I want to install vista business on my laptop.

(my laptop's specs are at the bottom)

could you tell me if my laptop is vista capable .
I should have used vista upgrade advisor ... but my current xp installation is kinda
broke down completely , so i could not use it.
could you guess my laptop's windows performance index !!! :)
would I be able to use aero ( with satisfaction ) .
What is pixel shader 2.0 ?(I saw it in the official site, in system requirements for vista)
and will I be able to install wddm driver.
mine is a 64 bit architecture .... is vista business 64 fairly bug free ...?

mine is an acer 5920 laptop ( there are many kinds of laptops with slightly different specs. with the same model name ).

Intel core2duo T5550 1.83 Ghz , 667Mhz FSB , 2MB L2 cache
Mobile intel graphi media accelarator X3100
2GB ram ddr2
intel mobile 965 express chipset family
160GB hd

Yes, it is vista capable.

yeah it should run it fine

i got a lenovo. originally had xp. it has a 1.6 core(1)duo, 2gb of ram, 120gb disk and intel graphics. Runs fine.

Bear in mind you may not get Aero glass on the integrated graphics without some tweaking.

The 2gb of ram is the key bit. With less vista runs slow.

Hehe, your topic seems a little bit funny, why ?
Because you can just check the requirements of vista and compare to your pc spec. Of course the specs is good. You may run vista freely :)

Mine is only P4 3Ghz, 2gb of Ram, 256 Mb of PCI express card, with 320Gb of HDD only. Still I run Ra3 and NFS simultaneously, no problem (for testing).


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