Hi I am looking for people who are interested in new job or changing their existing I.T jobs. I will pay AUS$1000 for a new candidate referral that makes it through their initial probationary period with a new employer (full time roles only). Also if you refer us to an employer who is looking to hire some one full time I.T or general and we place a candidate who makes it through their initial probationary period we will pay you AUS$1000 per referral. For referrals and my information contact Darren Osborne @ inquiries@bisonit.com.au .


I know I’m the suitable candidate for this job due to my qualifications , experience and character. I have pursued various IT related professional courses including my diplomas from in IMIS. To complement these, I have also attempted various marketing courses to further add value in an organisation like yours, thus making me a perfect utility employee.

My experience stems from working at Forward Mobiles as an IT assistant. The work involved allround maintenance of the companies IT systems including networks software and hardware. Furthermore, one my main tasks included ensuring the Safaricom card vending system was working at all times. This experience enabled me upgrade my career and hence I moved to Kentell as an IT Supervisor. My experience at Kentell involve all round supervision of the IT Assistants to ensure that the IT systems are in good operational order. My main duties included ensuring that the networks were up and running, ensuring that the back ups were done as stipulated in the procedures. The job also entailed ensuring all user querries were sorted at the shortest time possible.

In addition to my IT experience and bearing in mind the telecommunications industry which I have been heavily involved, I have been involved in various marketing related endeavours. These include Safaricom products promotions, road shows and general client service activities.

I must say that I’m a person of integrity, honest and hardworking. Professionally, I’m thorough, aggressive and pays attention to detail. I derive great satisfaction from achieving my goals and objectives.

Why don’t you give me a chance for an interview so that I can continue my presentation.


Antony Githinji

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