My name is Djamal. I am 38 years old living in Dubai, UAE.

I am a senior manager in the Aviation service industry. I have always been interested in IT and other technological fields. Lately, I have started studying VB.Net via distance learning (Penn Foster Career School). I am a life-long subscriber to <URL SNIPPED> and find their video tutorials very useful.

I am also learning about databases (SQL) and web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX). In addition to Visual Studio, I use another RAD tool called Alpha Five Platinum (V9) to develop my database skills.

My aim is to become a software developer within a few years.

I am here to learn from experienced guys, make friends and share my experience and knowledge with others.

Thank for allowing me into your forum.


Djamal :)

Hi...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Welcome to Daniweb my friend...you have chosen the right site with the right people to ask on...Welcome to the Programming Industry...

Cheers to a new friend!!!
welcome and enjoy posting and chatting.