Hey guys,

I need to know about Lithium-Ion batteries and where I can buy them. I'm not really talking about laptop batteries. I need something that can power a desktop for well over an hour (more like half a day). Does anyone know where I can get information on this?


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Almost any office supply store will sell you a UPS - do you need more than that? The more money you spend on it, the longer it will last (within reason). You might be able to find recommendations in the hardware section here on DaniWeb.

I need something with at least 60Ah. Also, it has to be able to sustain a robot for well over 3 hours.

What is your weight limit? I found a couple 2700mAh

I just found this site: here

thanks for the site. lithium-ion may be a little to pricey for us. we just wanted to make sure.

the battery we would require is around $1200.
thanks for the help.

Have you looked inside a UPS - the batteries are often replaceable 'packs' - just a thought.

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