You can call me John or novadude, because I owned about 10 nova's and I was a drag racer. I am still a drag racing fan but alas I slave o'er a computer 8 to 5 , 5 days a week these days. I only watch drag racing on espn2 now. I have been in the Data Processing field since its infancy in 1973 when I joined the US Navy. The military gave me a lot of good experience. I have seen many different titles for my career over the years, IT, IS, CIS. I have worked on IBM 026 keypunchs, 029 sorters, 056 interpreters a lot of the old machines. I've been a cobol programmer, I've done basic, been a btos systems analyst, I've worked on Burroughs, Univac, Sperry and IBM.
Now I am a DBA with a county govt in ca.
We have an IBM mainframe and several windows, and unix servers, we have server 2000 and 2003 and 2005 as well as SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

Hopefully I can get help solving a few issues and maybe help solve a few as well.

Hello Mr JOhn,
I just finished my training on Oracle DBA and FInancials with NIIT in Lagos Nigeria, i would like to gain experience on the job to be a super DBA like you,
I am a Nigerian.I reside in Lagos Nigeria West africa,I shall be grateful if i got to work with you ,hoping to hear from you soon.
Omole BOlarinwa

Welcome to the forums
Hope you have a great stay :-)