im having a very annoying problem. This is my setup. i am on wireless lan on
ADSL. i am unable to view machines which are in the same workgroup. the thing is, it fluctuates. sometimes i can view them and smtimes i can not. i can leave my machine for an hour and cum back to find that i cant even open the workgroup. we share resources like printers and documents. after some serious troubleshooting i am able open machines by doing a run>\\PC-01 and then i am able to see shared items. but wen i go to "My Network places>View Workgroup Computers" i am unable to either 1. open the workgroup or 2. view all machines (can only see mine sometimes)

Please assist me if you have anyway to solve this on and off bizz.

PS.. my IPs are not static, i have DHCP assigning them i've been thinking it might be linked to this. wat do u think

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Do you get any error messages?
What are the Os's?
In some cases a machine that hibernates will become invisible on the network.
DHCP shouldn't have any effect on this.

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