I've passed several IT exams including A+ Net+ and two MCP's plus four others and have gained alot of experience over four years by working part time repairing, upgrading, diagnosing, troubleshooting and networking home computers.
The thing that is most frustrating for me is that there seems to be no help or support to get a full time job in IT and use the skills and experience I've studied and worked for.
Courses are'nt cheap and you cannot continually fund expensive courses especially when thay appear to get you knowhere anyway!!!
Does anyone have some useful information or run a company that gives people with quite alot of good experience and enthusiasm for the IT business a chance to actually work in the sector they have trained and worked for? any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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So what kind of work are you looking for?

Coz i have a similar company but planning to go large scale. Where are you located?

I'm in Stoke-on Trent, I'm after computer tech work and networking as I'm doing that part time anyway, but I want to get more into server work and administration as I've got a server and small network at home I've built and set up on Win 2003 server, I want to get more involved in the more complicated stuff but it's hard to do on a small scale at home you really need to get work in an IT department but so far thats proved to be out of my reach. Do you have some ideas?

Try some technical support companies. If you are in US you can try Fire Dog. They are into PC troubleshooting. Also Comcast and Verizon are a good try.

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