I was wondering if anyone knew of some software that will work in this game. I have found numerous little programs that kind of work. But not in this game, only on the Windows desktop, shell, etc.

All I'm hoping to do is instead of right clicking the mouse button over and over, I would like to either hold it down for a rapid fire effect or hold down any assigned key that emulates the right mouse button click for a rapid fire effect. And hopefully adjustable. :)

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So you are wanting us to do a game hack?

So you are wanting us to do a game hack?

Well, I'm not wanting to hack anything. In this game people sell there items through a "merchant" setup. And when they open there merchant it is free to anyone to browse, but only one person can browse at a time. So, there is this character who sells items for 1/4 of the normal price. The problem is there are tons of people swarming him waiting for the merchant to open and whoever gets the first click in gets the cheap items. So no, I'm not trying to hack the game.

Hmmm. Well if you are on windows, you can use shift + f10. Or you can turn on mouse keys in accessibility in the control panel and the minus sign will be a right click.

Alright, Ill give it a try tonight. Thanks for your help.

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