I have a server with Windows 2003 on, I currently use Virgin Media ADSL as my ISP but they provide dynamic IP addresses so I cant use SMTP and need Dynamic DNS etc.
Can someone please provide me with a link to a tutorial as to how I can set up my own internet conection with a static IP. I think they do this at my school but they may use Red Hat Linux (Which I also have) so I could use a Linux tutorial but would prefer a windows one.
Sam Rudge

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hint: virgin media IPs may be dynamic, but they hardly ever change. i think the same IP is assiugned every time, going by the MAC of the modem.

WEll evenever the IP Adresses is changed but it is from the same Classes and range and it can interact with SMTP. May be your ip can change but your Smtp would be always same it would not effect your smtp at all


Yes but when sending to most email addresses there is an error returned which normaly says something like
"We generaly do not accept incoming mail from dynamic IP addresses"

just ask your ISP for a static IP then, there is a small monthly charge.

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