We’ve searched inside and out, upside and down but we are still blue :( , because it seems that Bluetooth developers only come out once in a blue moon.

We need to find someone who is interested in working with current and cutting edge technology. Is there anyone out there who has solid experience with Bluetooth who can lend us their experience?

If you or someone you know has the experience we need please email your resume to Jaime at robinsonj@ianmartin.com

Key Words: Bluetooth, BlueZ, Embedded, Linux, Senior, Wireless, Protocol stacks, C, C++, Programming, Software Engineer, Programmer, Developer, Troubleshoot, Bluetooth Stacks

Hello Jaime,

have sent you an email with the subject "via daniweb presenting bluetooth developers"

We are building solutions for various aspects in mobile and wireless technologies like
* HTTP Clients
* Managing Network Connections
* Camera
* Blue Tooth
* Games
We provide solutions using various platforms and technologies like
* Symbian C++
* J2ME
* Flash Lite
* Iphone SDK
* BlackBerry
For Enterprise Mobile applications we offer
• Patterns and best practices for building end-to-end mobile applications
• Emerging mobile "killer applications": driving productivity and cost reduction
• "Smart client" applications: architecture and construction
• Advanced HTTP techniques for authentication and session tracking
• Overcoming hardware and network limitations
• Leading-edge mobile enterprise messaging techniques
• Mobile databases and synchronization engines
• XML and mobile web services
• New options for mobile security in the enterprise

Wishing success...
Rumika Joshi,
Evon Technologies, India
skype: rumika.joshi

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