...Not quite. But for now, it is.

I've decided to pull out the old XP disc and reinstall Windows. I've been thinking about my motives for actually having Linux, and they just weren't enough.

Open Source -- I love that aspect, a community effort to improve the product.
The look -- so many themes, window managers, Compiz Fusion alone -- great eye candy.
There are many more, I'm just not up for typing more.
Compatibility with my iPod touch wasn't there -- that was a huge one. I couldn't stand having a $400 paperweight sitting in the corner of my room.
Application compatibility = 0. FL Studio -- works under Wine -- just barely.
Battery life -- I get about 2:30 with my Windows install. I got about 1:00 if that with Linux.

I'll probably end up caving and installing a Linux distro in a Virtual Machine in the near future -- but for now, the easy route it is for me.

I'm disappointed in myself :/

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Well, you could always install Windows in a virtual machine. :P

But if an operating system is causing more problems than it's fixing, it's probably not right for you. Oh well. What you learned while using Linux is never in vain, and I'm sure you'll find the experience useful even while using Windows. Also, keep in mind that Linux isn't the only free operating system out there, and you can really learn a lot by experimenting with different operating systems (although perhaps it's a little less painful when installed in a virtual machine). It's been fun watching you learn Linux and helping you through some issues you've encountered, and I wish you all the best in the Windows world. :-)

I honestly love Linux, and I actually feel like I'm letting myself and the community down (you were the first name that I thought of when I made the move, haha).

But, you're right. It was more of a hassle to keep up the system for what I used it for -- a media box. And I guess Windows is just right for now.

I'll keep posting in this part of the forum, though, because I'm going to be installing Ubuntu or Debian in a Virtual Machine as soon as possible.

And thank you very much for your help, and the rest of the community, with Linux. But especially you, John. You've had the easiest solutions to what seemed like incredibly hard problems. You've been my bridge, if you will, for getting over the difficulties of Linux.

Hehe, off to install a distro. Linux is too fun to pass by completely.

I think the problem lies in the fact that ubuntu "just works" is bs after the release of hardy heron an actual beta marked as stable. I mean when a required update crashes your computer it's pretty sad. You should give PCLinuxOS a shot. I use it as a primary OS. I used to use Ubuntu Gutsey which is the better and more stable yet older version of Ubuntu. I decided to update to hardy and what a mistake. PCLOS may not be funded by a corporation, but after updating to hardy and all the little imperfections in a funded distro it really left me with the appearance that they use their funding to buy weed. I'm just kidding, I have ubuntu in a virtualbox to help my friends out that use ubuntu. It's funny how when hardy heron first came out a new install required about 160 new packages and now a new iso copy only requires 5. Stable or still under development. I guess that's what happens when you put time limits on your releases. I like ubuntu, but to say it just works is just a falsehood. sure it just works for some people but the newbies, as I will always be one, might try to use it and get frustrated and tell everyone that all linux sucks. Just from a first impression.

It wasn't the fact that Ubuntu was buggy or anything. Linux in general is just not built up enough to be used as a solid desktop operating system.

I love the operating system, it's just not quite there yet. Give it a few more years and it'll get there.

is it mainly a gaming thing? Then I can understand. Just try PCLinuxOS. your letting yourself down if you don't, try it in vm ware.

I don't play games all that often. I mean, I just reinstalled Grand Theft Auto, but that's only because I could. That wasn't a selling point for making the change back.

And also, you sound like a salesman. I've used PCLinuxOS and was dissatisfied at how close it tries to BE Windows. Linux is Linux, not Windows.

there is a few guides on how to save power on linux.
like u can underclock it for sometime and itll save power. theres a few things u can do. but if ur gonna vm, then y not just dualboot? it should actually take up less space since now u dont need the VM

u can underclock it

But why would I want to underclock with Linux, get a slower system, yet not have to on Windows, yet faster?

y not just dualboot

Hard drive space. I currently have 30 gb left, and I like to have a lot of space for each operating system. If I were to dual boot, I'd have 10 left on this and 20 for Linux. Why would I ever want to do that?

I have 160 GB Hard Disk space in my system, even though my system is running slowly,
why? Can I retrieve from it?

Post your own topic. Don't hijack this one.\

By the way, hard drive space isn't the only factor in your system speed.

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