Hello all, I'm applying for a job that was labeled Server Tech. It iddn't go into detail what kind of server, but i would suspect web and application. Anyone know of some good info to brush up on servers? I need something that will have a general overview of servers, to prepare me for the interview. Or any kind of IT support, brush up type info. Any help would be appreciated.

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lol ! perhaps first you should learn this great tool .

Networking, The job posting isn't clear enough to be able to brush up on a specific server-side subject but, knowing how servers communicate with each other is always valuable.

Brushing up on Unix/Linux is also good, they're becoming more popular and it's a good generalized skill.

Buy a book on windows server, specifically on configuring and administering active directory. Invaluable to anyone working on MS systems

if it's windoze servers, then Active Directory is something you should be able to install, configure, and maintain.

Thats precisely what i said in his other thread. Gonna merge em and move to network admins lounge.


Like I mentioned right off, without anymore information network configuration is the only thing that we can be sure is relevant. But really anything that comes to mind would be worth brushing up on.

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