how are ya all ?

I'm having a VB project and I need some Ideas ! the project must finish with-in a month or so (a bit more)

I went to the VB .NET section but , all the threads were technical , while my problem is on the other hand more of an idea request ..

so please be keen and help me over here :) << knowing that I have veiwed few Ideas but non were good all needed time or more knowologe about VB.NET ,


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what qualification?

A-level , GCSE?

You could dabble with an AI project.

Small businesses are always on the prowl for really good, cheap, free management software.

they're not, they have it. It's called Microsoft Excel :)

my work runs entireley off fedora - openoffice, evolution, some sort of report generator/label printer, some palm syncing software, and a proprietary epos system

jwenting is right. most businesses just use excel

jbennet ,sneekula: well, I don't actually knows what that means (atlease yet) but I'm a seond year and Only know java , now I'm taking VB.NET , so I'd say that I don't have much of experiance

activex786: umm, true ,, but can you provide me with an example ?

,, the Team and I was thinking of a reservation service system .. but I want an excpert comment on that .. will it finish by the dead line ?

Thanks again :)

I think you maybe onto something there with a reservation system, but how involved do you intend to make it. Will it include billing and invoicing, ecommerce modules?

To complete a project in a month, you need to take into consideration on how big is the scope you want to cover in your project, the number of team members involved to get all the work done in time and the knowledge you have on VB .NET. I am not an expert here but I have experienced in doing an ASP .NET project in one month and at the same time learning also. It was not that easy and yet the project is incompleted during presentation due to certain error issues unsolve. It was really tiring especially when not too good in programming.

Take a real life scenario and code it, like reservation system, hospital, school, church, library ,etc. One month may be too less to complete your project assignment however.

if you want to do an entire system of a style that usually takes larger teams of people a year or more, yah.

A small subset of such a system, with limited functionality, should be doable.

Thanks all , you helped alot :)

I'll post later what my instructor agreed on :) , and let you know

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