I work for a small school and our network is has about 225 cpu's (all running xppro). I am running windows 2003 server for our main server (named Vision), and I am running window 03/64 for our backup and fileshare server (named Eagle). Our network is set up with a v-lan, and we have cisco products for routers and switches. We had a power outage over the weekend and now I am having some issues with the backup server (so it appears).

With Eagle, If I try and ping an outside address such as yahoo, google, etc., it will not do it, but I can visit those sites through explorer. I can also ping several workstations, with the exception of about six computers. Those computers are in a lab, that are connected with 2 cisco switches, that are functioning normally. I have about 14 computers in this lab, and 8 of them connect to Eagle fine. They can file share, get program access and ping eagle. The other four cannot ping eagle, and cannot file share. They can ping vision, and also outside websites, as well as other computers on the network. Just not eagle.

Anyone out there seen the issue in the past? I would really love some suggestions! I am sure I left out some details that you pro's probably need, so just let me know what additional info you need! Thanks in advance!


This is quite crazy in my books, but due to another power outage, this problem has fixed itself. Restarting the server never worked, but over the night, having the power out and the backups drained led to the server having a hard shut down. After firing it up this morning, everything is back to normal.........so I will mark this as solved!!

Okay, so I thought the issue was solved but it is not......I have been out of the office for a while, and I am still having the issue. Any help would be great!!

Ok, so the issue still plauges me. I have tried some control testing, and here is what I have done. I plugged in a laptop to the same connections that will not connect to eagle, and it will not connect. If I connect it to a line that will connect to eagle, it will still let me. I have looked through event viewer, and have found some issues. It tells me this:

Remove the source domain controllers metadata with ntdsutil.exe

I am not that familiar with this process, but I am quite sure that if it is done incorrectly, I could lose my active directory, or alltogether, my OS. Does anyone here have any additional ideas?? IM DESPERATE FOR HELP

Ok, so i finally figured it out. I shut down the main server (vision), which caused Eagle to promote itself. After the promotion took place, I restarted vision, and it ironed out all of the kinks on its own.....not sure why this worked but it did! I am just glad to have had a workable solution!!