Hi everybody :)
Beforehand I'm sorry for my English.
I'm a beginner in development.
Name: Stasy
Height: 174cm
Weight: 55kgs
Hair: brown
Eyes: green+brown+blue
Location: Ukraine
Age: 21
Hobbies: play guitar and piano
Favourite music: jazz, blues, rock
Education: i'm studying now (5-th kourse, speciality: "Software of automated systems"). Next year I'll have a master's degree.
Favorite Movies:Fight club, Inside Man, Basic Instinct, The Bone Collector...
Favorite TV Shows: Friends, House M.D.
Favorite Video Games: GRID, Assassin's Creed.

Registration and posting here - is my little experiment. I think, that the thirst for intercourse will help me learn English :) Again, sorry for it. I'm open for new acquaintances.

welcome to daniweb!

welcome to daniweb!

:) thanks


i love fight club and guitar too (i play bass)

your english is quite good

Thanks :) It's good to me, that friendly atmosphere reigns here ...
P.S. about my english: thread name "Hiello from Ukraine"... Maybe it means hi+hello :)

;) most people i know from othr countries speak better english than some english people i know lol

Interesting, how can it bee :)
P.S. my native language is accepted as one of the hardest to lern.... so I've never see people (non-russian) who speak russian better than me :)

... or my friends :)

P.S. my native language is accepted as one of the hardest to lern.... so I've never see people (non-russian) who speak russian better than me :)

You are of-the-mark on this one...
"Slavik" people (Slovak, Czech, Polish, Slovenian and some minority of other ex-Yugoslavia) have no problem to learn the language as each of them comes from same roots. The only difference is that we use Latin alphabet where you still on azbuka ;)
In my secondary school years (age between 10-14) we all learned Russian language and had no problems because of the Slavik roots :) . It is difficult to learn for other language backgrounds which do not use gender recognitions as we do. However since I did not used the language for long time I forgot most of it, but still can master same basic commands:D

do not argue, you are right on 100% :)

"Spasiba" (thanx for non-russian speakers ;) )

hey.... It becomes especially interesting ;)

Welcome to Daniweb! It's always nice to have more girls here :)

:) thanks. It always nice when someone glad to see me :)

Hi Antenka, joining forums is a great way to practice English, you have more time to digest what is being said and plus you have access to tons of conversations.

I'm Jordy and I'm here to learn about experiences from other webmasters. I consider myself in training. I'll probably be lurking mostly, but I hope to contribute to what's being said too.

Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here :)

thanks, nice to meet you :)