smakos is my name i am a finial year student of one of the universities of UK and and i and my project is to develop portal for a secondary school and my scope is
For parents to be able to register their children on-line.
The ability for students to source information on-line.
The ability for parents to check their child’s/ward’s performances and grades online.
The ability for teachers to input and edit students records, but because of time i have narrowed it down to student mgm system which can be used to store the student's marks and check there status by there name or roll no; can be updated by adding features like checking progress or downfall in study of a student but i am having errors pleases please some one should help me out i have just only but next week to summit the project attached are the codes

Which university?

um its not attatched?

The university is the open university of UK, please help me out for my time is ruining out below is the code