Just find this:

World’s Most Disgusting Apartment Is In Houston

Just wondering will anyone live in that kind of apartment...

kinda looks like my room ;)

Funny! Disgusting, but funny.:S

That isn't the American Dream ?? ;-)

I mean, people can get a bit shabby sometimes, but this... is one for the books. It's weird that neighbours didn't perceive the bad smell from this apartment by no means the regular visits of the delivery guy... Take a look at the space key on the computer cleaned tactfully :-)

Very funny.

I don't see how anyone could possibly stand 5 minutes in that place.

kinda looks like my room ;)

:-O :sweat:

We covered this here. I still kinda think it is an art installation rather than actual living conditions - but I am an optimist (besides, there were no paths - how could anyone move through that w/o making a path?).

what da!!!!!! oh man.. who lives here?!!!

:icon_mrgreen: sickening!

kinda looks like my room ;)

I'm dead sure you didn't see beyond the first picture!