BBC wonders if your family can live without gadgets for new TV show

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The BBC is apparently looking for a UK based family which cannot live without gadgets to, err, live without gadgets while being filmed for a new fly on the wall style documentary show.

The idea is for a kind of Back to the Future themed series which will transport a thoroughly modern British family back to a decade when gadget coolness was measured by how much fluff it could remove from your jumper or how easily it could stitch a button on to your jacket. OK, maybe a very early game of Pong or a portable record player that weighed half a ton as well. Yes, the BBC wants to dump some unfortunate family back into the seventies and see how they get on with the gadgets available then.

"In the 1970s the family will experience life without the technology we've begun to take for granted; they'll live a seventies life in a seventies house without Sky +, Facebook and the Wii" a spokesperson says.

Next the family will jump into the eighties, and nineties, all the time surrounded only be the gadgetry of the decade.

To qualify you must be a home owning family with three or more kids aged between 8 and 18, live in the UK obviously, and be so thick skinned (or is that just thick) that you don't mind TV cameras invading your privacy and showcasing your every moment of madness in front of a gawping nation.

If that still has not put you off, and you reckon your kids might learn a thing or two from a little gadget deprivation, then email for details of how to apply for a place in the goldfish bowl...

Lisa Hoover 0 Junior Poster

I wouldn't last twenty minutes. :-)

happygeek 2,411 Most Valuable Poster Team Colleague Featured Poster

As long as that? I'd be dead in the water after twenty seconds! :)

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