hello peoples. i am new around these parts. i recently had some malware issues on my computer and in the process of ridding myself of it my soundcard somehow broke. i am almost positive i deleted some sort of windows driver for it, but it's showing up in my control panel and hardware devices. for some reason it's not showing up in the drop down list for Default Device in either playback or record. also, my Sndvol32 doesn't seem to work anymore.

when i try to play an mp3 in windows media player, i get an error message saying the device is either not working, being used by another app or is not being found.

the card is a Creative SB Live! Value (WDM) that came with a DELL Dimension 8200.

any help anyone here could give would be highly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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thanks for the reply.

yea, i had tried that and the creative labs site didn't point me in the right direction of the driver. instead, i got driver updates. but i think i may have found the full driver pack at http://www.soundcard-drivers.com/companies/258.htm (if anyone who surfs here wants to know). i will post again if that doesn't solve.

thanks again!


If that soundcard is still IN a Dell Dimension, get the drivers from Dell instead. Creative drivers for SBLive cards in Dell PCs are a tad different to standard Creative drivers.


i actually got the driver pack from the link i posted and it seems to be working fine. if something gets messed up, i will post back here with my findings.

but thank you both for the help! :)

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