Hey guys,

This is not a new product but Oakley is the only company which produces it. My husband is thinking of getting a pair for his brother as we live in Florida. He said it will be cool to be wearing this on the beach. I suggested an iPod instead.

So, if they are both 4GB and more or less the same cost, what would you buy? Or what would you prefer to get? Of course I know most of you already have an iPod!



I had a quick search, expecting to see some ugly contraptions, but to my surprise these things look good. In saying that, I would prefer a iPod personally...

I would just get an mp3 player unless I lived in the south where the sun always shines.

yeah..an ipod or any mp3 player will do...

I've owned a set. It was a chineese copy bought off ebay for $1 (+$45 postage...) They are pretty good. Just make sure you have antivirus running because the set I got has a credit card stealing virus on them. Ipod has more functions - watch vids (on some), create, edit playlists, etc. The sunglasses just have a bunch of music on them and play it in order. you have a volume button or two, forward, back, play, pause, and (the coolest part) mine had a bluetooth to hook your phone up to it. it sould pause the music and take the call for you. they have an inbuilt microphone so you can leave the cell in the pocket. I loved them, but I bought them for resale, so they got resold. they also work like a standard usb pen drive - carry your files in your glasses!!! I should get some more, now that you mention it... I wonder if they go up to 8 gb yet?