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I was wondering if anyone could help me with my generic MP3 player. I bought it off ebay and looks just like the ipod nano. I used it about a week or so ago while trying to sleep. I shut it off and just layed it beside the bed. When I picked it up yesterday and turned it on, the screen is all distorted with just a bunch of colored lines and a diagnal "gash" looking image across it. I am able to listen to the music just fine, but the screen stays the same. I have fully charged it and still same. Any ideas would be helpful...thanks in advance.

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you bought an off brand MP3 player that is obviously a cheap rip off of the ipod and you expect it to be the same quality?

take it back to where you got it and get a new one. that is either a short somewhere or it is a bad screen. either way it's bad and needs to be replaced.

thanks for your interest. I think I found the problem. When I looked at it while it was turned off it looks like the screen is cracked. So I, or one of the other 5 people in my house could have stepped on it while it was beside my bed....OOPS!!! oh well... Thanks everyone and have a great day.

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