Hi all,

I'm totally new to the world of IT. I'm a chartered accountant with some experience in writing Excel based code in VBA to help me work around the limitations of existing software. I've been thinking recently about trying to retrain as a programmer and have a complete career change, as I really enjoy writing code. I'd ideally like to work with financial software as I have quite an extensive understanding of what the end user would be likely to need. (Possibly am just having an early mid life crisis - not sure yet!)

Does anyone have any advice to offer as to how this might be possible and whether it's a crazy thing to try and do...?



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Its a definite plus that you enjoy programming, or at least the lighter side of it. And the end user experience is definitely good as well. Coding full time is much different than just every now again, I love to program, but some days I still need a break.

Find out if you really like programming enough to do it all day, take a course or two and maybe buy a book. There are so many areas to go into, but since you have VBA experience, possibly start with VB.NET or C#.

Take a full weekend day and program the whole day. See if you really could enjoy it the whole day compared to every now and again, check out the learning curve for you. Any other questions feel free.

Thanks for the advice, sounds a good place to start!

Hi Hannah my advise for you is you learn SAP to change your career in that you have coding which you enjoying a lot and also it needs some management knowledge which you have already so i think its better for you career

I have never heard of "SAP," other than as the name of a company whose U.S. headquarters are in Newtown Square, PA, so I would just ignore whatever punjabivirsa3 is trying to say.

Hi both,

thanks for the comments. SAP is a major financial software package which I have been told uses its own unique language. I've worked with it as a user and it's pretty good, but it's expensive for companies to use as you need a specialist support team. Possibly a good place to start, or possibly a bit niche, I'm not sure...

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