Here's one for all you Windows Tweakers. :)

99% of the time when I open a IE window, I am going to some page other than my default homepage. I never just go to the same page ALL the time, so I always open the window, click on stop, and WAIT, WAIT, WAIT for the action cancelled screen to come up before I can type in the URL.

Now sometimes, that action cancelled page loads fast, but what seems like most of the time, it was like that page was downloading from Pluto or somewhere on the outer edge of our universe, and not from the hard drive on my computer!!! This has always been the case for me, and it's usually only when it's a new window, and not an existing one...?

Is there some way that I can change this page to just be blank? I really think that I know I hit the stop button, and don't really need the MS info on what that means.

Maybe I could even change the Page cannot be displayed page as well???

I'm not a big registry hacker, so I've never looked into it...

Advice?! TIA :lol:

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Assuming you are using IE go to tools/internet option,and set the home page to blank.

I don't want to change the home page...

There is nothing wrong with that .... I want to disable the "Action Cancelled" and possibly the "Page Cannot Be Displayed" errors.


find where there stored and changed them

Nono ... that's not what he means. You know how Internet Explorer will display a default "Page cannot be Displayed" and "Action Cancelled" error page? He wants to replace those default IE pages with a blank page or one of his own pages.

For example, open an IE window and in the address bar, type:


That's the default IE action cancelled page. He wishes to replace this page with his own. or with:


Disable friendly HTTP error messages, which will set the server's messages to a higher priority than IE's own version. For example, suppose you visit, which obviously doesn't exist. With friendly HTTP error messages disabled, you'll be redirected to the 404 error page I have set in my .htaccess file on the server. With friendly HTTP error messages enabled, you'll be redirected to IE's own 404 error page (i.e. action cancelled).

caperjack, that link you just posted seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

Yes I do believe it will help !:)

well, the link you sent caperjack definitely looked like it was just the ticket, and I edited my regsitry, and set them all to just a BLANK page for the time to make sure it all worked, and on my WindowsXP machine.... it did nothing...

I still get the default "Action Cancelled" page, and that's it...

I don't see why the tip wouldn't work, as it looks fine all the way down to the registry... but it actually didn't work for me!?!? :(

Oh well... I'll just continue on with my windows annoyance for now. :eek:

Even switching to disable "Friendly HTTP error Messages" didn't work for the "action cancelled" page... <sigh>

I bet I can solve this problem for you/us.

What (I think) is wrong is that you have entered into your “HOSTS file all those url’s that send all those annoying ads to your computer when you surf,...

but instead of getting a clean looking, uncluttered, easy to read page like you thought you’d get,....

there are a bunch of stupid looking “action cancelled pages wherever there used to be an ad.

I tried the registry edit/hack and had no luck with it.

So I Googled around a little and figured out that the “navigation cancelled page is .html, but can’t be accessed via normal means. That is, you can’t just do a search for the file and just edit the code to be a blank page. And as I mentioned, it wasn't possible for me to just enter a different value into the registry to change it either, as this link suggests:

The way to fix this, that is, to have blank fields where all the ads which your computer does not even have to download anymore, and which look much cleaner than the alternative, is to do something called a “Resource Hack.

I found some freeware on CNET’s download site by searching on that term,

"Resource Hacker" :

....and installed and ran the program.

With this program, I am able to access an .html page “inside of a .dll file.

The .dll of interest here I believe is (res://)C:\WINDOWS\System32\shdoclc.dll, and the .html code is navcancl.htm.

If you right-click where the ad used to be and the ‘navigation cancelled message/.html is,.... and then access the properties from the drop-down menu, you can see this information, as well as the ad’s url.

So, once you have the resource hacking freeware installed and running, navigate within it to the .dll and open the navcancl.htm up. Cut or delete the .html code in the ‘file’ and replace it with your own favorite code or do what I did and just replace it with the (simple) .html code for a blank page.

Then save the new navcancl.htm to the .dll and close the program and...


caperjack, that link you just posted seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

The regedit didn't work for me either, so I googled around a bit, and found a sure way to do it.

Please see my post, and if you like it, tell me what you think.


I've been reading the posts here and am interested. My problem is slightly different.

My weeb pages come up fine, but some times I get the "action canceled" message where the ads are supposed to be (this even happens on the page. Is that a problem with the HOSTS file? If so, how cann I correct it?

No, not true, your problem is exactly the same as what I describe.

If you can follow/understand written instructions, (see my post just one up from yours, and I hope that's not too far) then you can find the .dll (canned .htm/.html) page that shows up where your ads used to be.

The IE program loads a default page where the hosts file tells it not to look. If you use a resource hacking program to find and modify that default page ("Action Cancelled"/navcancl.htm) to a blank page, then there will be just nice white (or any color or pattern you like) backgrounds where the "Action Cancelled" page was previously loaded.

It (navcancl.htm) may not be the exact same .dll resource, but you should still be able to find any of them somewhere in that same directory.

Good Luck, but somehow I don't think it's going to make much difference in your case.

I used Renfield's method with Resource Hacker and it worked just fine.

I also found this to be quite funny.

(I clicked the ads, figured he deserved it) suprisingly the ads actually matched what I was looking for.

Is there anyone who knows what causes the "action cancelled" ? It seems to be random..... and will activate while I'm right in the middle of reading a page or doing something else. It's becoming a major inconvenience and drivning me crazzyyyyyyyyyy !! Can anyone help me get rid of this bugger ???

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