When i read stuff like this,it makes me even more happy to have Win98se :) (I have always loved 98)


WOW -- They really could FORCE PEOPLE TO UPGRADE TO VISTA THAT ARE RUNNING XP IF THEY WANTED TO!! (Make sure to read the "Hidden connections" section)

This is an older article i just read today and found again and thought it worthy of sharing in case others havent seen it either.. (I have heard of stuff like this on XP)

Yeah, that is odd. Why did Microsoft create XP when there was nothing wrong with Windows 98? :icon_rolleyes:

Well XP handles some newer stuff that 98 would have a hard time with i think.....

But they also took privacy away (Vista is much worse)

98 is a terrible OS. I never liked the Non-NT OSes, although they had better hardware support and supported more consumer applications.

With XP microsoft has got it right. Xp has stood the test of time. Its a 5-8 year old OS and is still going strong.

Vista is almost perfect now as most people have updated thier hardware and manufacturers have finally got thier act together with regard to drivers. It has amazing hardware support, some really user friendly features and is a lot more secure and easy to manage.