As you guys may know, there is a new feature here that presents each member his or her own certificate badge to display. A few of you guys have told me that you don't have your own website to display your badge, and wondered where you could show it off. So I figured no better place than right here. I thought we might start a show off your badge thread :)

To grab your badge, simply visit your control panel. :) You can display your badge with the following code:

[ img ]http://www.daniweb.com/certificates/badge{MEMBER#}.jpg[ /img ]

Of course, remember to remove the spaces in the [img] tag ;)

I'll start off the thread with my badge ...


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Sounds great Alcides! Doing good there 1o0oBhP :) Youz a techie whiz :)


What other titles can you get, ive seen many different ones and cant see any pattern. can you give yourself a title? or do i just have to help and post a lot;)


As a regular member, your title (Junior Techie, Techie Whiz, etc.) will change along with your postcount. As a premium member who purchases a subscription ($5/month) you will receive numerous forum benefits including the opportuntity to come up with a custom user title.


ok i am seriously missing somthing here?

also we should be able to have banners in our sigs :D


I would really like to show off your hard work Dani, but my HTML is in the off mode. How can I make it possible to use it?


Dani what a great feature. You gotta share this little tidbit with your good ole pal Rex. The forum is looking great but I'm goin to catch you soon!!!! hehe



The little 'b' means that you are a blogger and the little 'c' means that you are a coder - in other words ... if you contributed to our Tech Blogs or Code Snippets sections :)

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