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Ten million. Wow! Now this man will get a great compensation to continue getting drunk :) This is best than play a lottery. Find a bug on a US legal system.


You cant just drag someout of their house and then charge them with public drunk!!


What idiots!

I be fron 'round dim der parts fer dern near 20 years.
Remember the VT slayings? We all knew those cops were, well, ya know, but it was no big deal until the $#@! hit the fan one day...

Reality is that all a DIP requires is an officers testimony. But then again its just a fine and a little jail time right? Get over it?

But this... ...deserves extra attention.



<<<every one of the families of the deceased of 4/16/2006 deserve 1000x more than this guy but they will never get a dime but that does not take away from the value of the rights denied to this individual>>>

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


There is always more to the story than what the media reports. However, I'm not sure about VA, but most states do not allow arrest of a misdemeanor that was not committed in the officers presence or immediately upon pursuing a fresh trail without a warrant. From what I read, they did ok, as they were following a trail. Also, some states allow the police to enter a residence to affect an arrest if it is known the person is there (i.e. they can see him) I don't think he'll get anything.


To be fair, when a basket has a bad egg, the whole thing stinks. The good is often overlooked for the bad.

As far as I could tell the officers were answering an unrelated call. If once they saw the defendant they made a judgement that they had probable cause then maybe they can enter the premises-I don't know.

I will update with more details as they arise since this is my "redneck of the woods" so to speak.


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