...to find a job in IT? Graduated last year with a BS in Computer Science /networking and can't seem to get my foot in the door.
Sent out hundreds of resumes with little no reply. Could be my resume sure....but i changed it three times using IT resumes online as a template and still nothing.
Currently working elsewhere for minimum wage which is about as irritating as it gets.

Certifications and experience are the key

Certifications and experience are the key

Certifications? If you want to be a certified moron. A BS in Comp Sci is more than enough certification unless you got it from Bob Jones University.

DavidT, if I received your resume, what would make me want to hire you?

well i know people here with degrees who get passed over for jobs in favour of the guy with a couple of months experience and some sort of cert.

I equipped myself with lots of confidence, positive thinking, embraced with knowledge on the field applied, and most of all, prayers to help keep me up with the latest.