Ok, that's not strictly true, we might get sun in a couple of months, so it's just the normal grey colour for now :)

I'm a wandering *nix sysadmin, looking for stimulating threads to keep me entertained whilst waiting for things to compile/fix/do their thing.

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Welcome - sorry about the stony silence. I heard that since they cleaned up all the dust out of the air - the famous London Fog has disappeared, is this true? I remember back in 1990 that some locals were already complaining that they just did not get fog anymore!?


London is actually very clean nowadays

(coincidentally i used to live less than 40 miles from central london too - but now i live in Dundee which is NEVER sunny...)

Welcome to the site


JB or Agress - have you ever visited (Captain Sir) Richard Francis Burton's tomb down in the MortLake district? He is buried in St. Mary's churchyard in a tomb built like his African explorer tent (it has a ladder in the back with a plexiglass sheet covering an opening so you can see the his and hers caskets, tent bells, and an old wooden crucifix that has rotted and broken in half).


It was in 1990, driving near Reading that I experienced the truth in the expression "fog as thick as pea soup". Gads, how frightening!!
Welcome to Daniweb. May your experiences here all be sunny.

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