hey everyone im trying to get my web site up and running i can access it from with in the lan but i was wondering if i could have one of you guys test and see if you can access it from across the net. thanks alot if you try.
http://www.kylekonline.com if it comes up it will jst be a plain site that came with apache and mandrake. but at the top it will say something like Welcome to KyleKonline.com. thanks again.

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Sorry, page cannot be displayed error. :(

well i will mess with some settings and let you know what is goin on and ask if you will try again at a later time thanks for trying.

if someone could possible check the site one more time i think it should be up and running i have had a few ppl tell be its working but i want a few more thumbs up on this to make me feel better about it. thanks

It's still down

thats odd cause i can get to it here at work and so can some ppl i know on another forum. thats odd i will ahve to see whats goin on with that. thanks for the help.

has anyone else tryed to see if they can access the pages. i have been told that it could take up to 72 hours before all the DNS servers to have the information they need to get you to my site and i was messing with my DNS stuff saterday so i will check back with everyone here in like on weds and see if you can access it then.

I tried it about six hours ago and it worked. Not it seems to be down.

i dont know what is up with it cause i can still access it here from work but i dont know i will give it till tomorrow or wed before i start messing with much :(

would it be possible for someone to test my site again the dns servers should be all set with my ip http://www.kylekonline.com thanks again

edit: it mite not work i dont know whats goin on. it wont work for me and im at work so u can give it a try but im not expecting much. :(

edit: well that samspade.com thing worked on my pages it find it now but there must be something up some where down the line i will have to work on the bugs tonight

last time i promise. but my roommate turned off the cable modem and to go into my dns and change my ip. so can you test it out one more time ppl. after i get a heads up from you guys im goin to start created the page and get an actually webpage up and running.

Still no go. Sorry.

When I ping your domain name, I get an IP address and it says that all packets were sent fine. But I get a 404 error clicking on the URL.

I can see an about Apache page when I hop on it.

yeah i know the server is up and running cause i can access it from work here but maybe i will give it one more day to get to all the dns servers updated with it. i dont know what else it could be. but i updated the dns on sunday so by today or maybe tomorrow it should be all updated. i really have to look into getting a program or something so i dont have to update my ip everytime we get it changed on us. or look into get a static ip but that would cost a lot more then im willing to pay. well i will see what happens.

if you remember could you try to test it tomorrow. thanks. :)

edit: thanks tecil that is all your are suppose to see at the moment. so it must jst need another day for all the dns servers to be updated with it

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