Hi, i am looking for serious people with knowledge in the pay per click and internet marketing area to potentialy join-venture with me on the net on some very serious ventures with alot of prosparity and finantial gains to be made. i'm quite new to the whole internet marketing genre and i know one can succeed by one's self but i'm also aware that to make it quite big you can't always do things by your self. i'm prepared to leave either my email address or yours or a means of contact via the web where if anybody or perhaps a few people are seriously interested then we can talk more in depth and further in what i have in mind. i's certain that the ventures can suceed and we would both be getting something out of it which i would explain further if we were to contact. it would go along the lines of me needing some experianced knowledge internet marketer's or at least some one who know's what there doing and in return i would present the projects ventures. we would work on them together untill they suceed. if i'm posting on the wrong forums for this type of question or genre; then perhaps someone could direct me or point on the right direction of where i could find potential partners ect.? Regards Curtis...

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Can you format at least one sentence properly? It looks like one large line of random words.

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You ask too much! :P

>i'm prepared to leave either my email address or yours or a means of contact via the web ...
Ok, leave my email address and I'll contact it.

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