Hi all,
I’m new in online business and looking for a help to give good keyword to my website so that I can get good traffic. I know the correct keyword helps in increasing the online business. If you people have any idea in this or you may have any experience that can help me in selecting the correct key word then please suggest me. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Hi Buddy,
Key words play an important role in online business. Many people use search engines for searching any data on the Internet. In this they use keywords. The correct keyword helps them in searching the right data. Search engines compare keyword with the information of different websites. So I just want to suggest you to select a proper and relevant keyword according to your site information. Hope my suggestion will help you.
Good luck!

Search the keyword in yahoo, yahoo will come up with lot of other related keywords , just add them as meta tags in your website.

Use SNIP or adwords tool of google and research a bit for your key words

Ideally keywords research should be conducted even before a company commission the design of its website or at least started in the initial stages of web design. A business can thus provide the keywords to the web design team in order to ensure basic optimisation factors are addressed from the start. A professional web design company will optimise a website for search engines on launch. Appropriate keywords should be represented within the site content, Meta tags and in the internal links on the website. As such, ideally keyword research for a website should be done prior to the completion of web design and subsequent launch of the website.

If you’re new to Internet marketing, I recommend focusing on web design and search engine optimization as a starting point; for most sites, the most traffic still comes from search engines and directories.

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