Hi all. First off, let me start by saying that I have no experience in software programming/development/engineering. My career is in architecture. I am looking for some guidance regarding an idea I have for software related to television programming. My questions are:

Where do I start looking for a person that works in this field that I would be able to share the idea with and see if it is feasible?

Is there a specific occupation that specializes in software for television broadcasting or is it written in the same languages as other software?

All I have is an idea for some software. I am simply looking to speak with an experienced person who would be able to tell if this is something that can be done and possibly work with in developing. I have spoken with possible investors and gotten legal advice already. This idea has got really positive responses. However, I have no clue where to start looking for a software expert. Any help is truly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

> I have for software related to television programming
Well that could be anything from the PVR at home to record programs to the scheduling of program delivery at the transmission site.

Care to elaborate?

Write your conceptual design specification first.
Then get a NDA.
Raid your finanacial reserves.
Then get (paid for) engineering feedback.
Then write (or pay someone to write) the technical specifications, and start R&D.
If you have a lot of financial reserves skip the next step, but if you want to spread around the risk, or don't have enough capital then...
...get angel financing.
Then start the real development.
Get a rough prototype together to get more capital.
Several rounds of refinements, product redirection, and financing.
Find a distribution channel.

Then get (paid for) engineering feedback.
Then write (or pay someone to write) the technical specifications, and start R&D.

Those steps are kind of what I am trying to ask about. I have already got some concept drawings and have pitched it to several people about investing and legal advice. The NDA is already done and everyone who has heard the idea has signed it.

What do you mean by engineering feedback? Where would I look for someone to give me that. Is there a software engineering occupation that you are aware of that specializes in the television industry? Something along the lines of whoever writes the software for the television guide that has what shows are coming on?

Thanks for the reply. It's much appreciated.

There isn't anything special about programmers that work for TV broadcasting companies. Yes, they write the programs in the same languages. If you turn on the news and see a bar chart, it may have been written in Python for example.

So without knowing your question, I would say, if it can be done on a PC, the answer is yes.