I think happygeek should change his name to happysuit. And dani should be happyhoe.

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Heavens Yes! Watch this thread get deleted... just like my tutorials.

Watch this thread get deleted, just like my account..

>Watch this thread get deleted... just like my tutorials.
Wow, you're not bitter about it at all, are you? :icon_rolleyes: It's nothing personal, so don't take it personally. Acting all whiney and childish doesn't help your cause, unless your cause is to destroy your own reputation.

You forgot to put 'neither should change names' on the poll. That's my vote.

i dont get it.

is this funny?

or is the OP making an account-suicide attempt?

It kind of gives you a hint at the level of thought that Sturm is capable of (it's a joke, son - it's a joke).

In USA a hoe is a slang word for whore. So are you calling Dani that?

In the USA , everyone are geeks ! They apply Schrödinger Theory
where you can slove it simply easy with F=ma .

ha ha !

Actually, a hoe is a gardening tool. But I guess that can't be what the original poster had in mind...

Forget the ho(e) debate, I am more interested in the suit thing. Quite funny really, considering I currently do not even own such a thing let alone wear one. I am more a jeans, t-shirt and tattoos man myself. :)


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Hell, I have 4 suits and I don't wear them either - well, I went to a funeral and was pall-bearer about 10 years ago. I don't think I wear any of them.

happytats could be pretty cool... I saw you on the tv that time there was the web security fiasco, nice sleeve...

Both my arms are now 100% sleeved, and work is currently underway on finishing off the back. Already have a large self-designed centrepiece (celtic cross with tree of life capstone and inscription around it, green woman face at centre of cross, two single red roses entwining the upright to tie in with the roses on my arm) and am now getting a selection of Brian Froud goblins, elves and fairies to ink all the remaining skin. Froud is the chap who designed all the goblins etc in Labyrinth and Dark Crystal.

Chest is part finished, a take on the Dragon/Tiger fighting yin-yang with the tiger on one breast and the dragon on the other, both custom pieces of artwork. Also have part of the Wiccan Rede writ large under my neck across the top of the chest.

20 years since I first got inked and still some space left, although with a full afternoon inking every month booked in until 2010 I suspect I might run out at some point before I get too old to continue. I quite like being the only grandad in the tattoo studio though :)