Hi there. Firstly sorry if this is long winded - im no good at computer speak! I have just gone on to broadband with Tiscali. When it first loaded up all was fine. I could go onto websites and the view was great. However I have since removed my copy of NAV as it wasnt working properly and now when I go to websites bits are missing, I click on things and it doesnt work - just says "done" at the bottom. For example on the tiscali homepage when you clink on Communications tab it brings up another menu with email etc on, however now when I click on it it doesnt bring up the sub-menu. I also just tried to click on the little smilies at the bottom and that didnt work either?! I have tried clicking every box in the Internet Options Advanced tab just in case there was something in there preventing it and also tried restoreing settings and that hasnt worked. I dont want to have a half working copy of NAV on my PC just so I can view web pages properly. I now have EZ Antivirus which was a freebit from the Microsoft website. When I looked on there it said something about registry settings but im too scared to try this in case I screw the whole PC up. Sorry its long - hope someone can help. Thanks. Jeanne

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Which browser you using, Jeanne? Internet Explorer?

Hi Catweazle. Yes it is Internet Explorer and I am also using Windows XP V5.1 with SP2. It was a PC a "mate" built for us so I dont have any discs with it and my husbands friend no longer lives in the UK. Look forward to hearing from you. Jeanne x

Hi - sorry what does the last bit about "Hijack this logs" mean - sorry im a little dense when it comes to computer speak!

That's a joke, Jeanne. It's part of my 'signature' here on the forum. The part below the black bar is displayed on every post I make :)

I'm trying to locate instructions for downloading the entire install of IE6 for you. I'll post it later on. If you download the entire package and install it again 'over the top' of what you have there, it should correct your problems I hope.

Magic - cant wait - I hope I wont have to save things to disc etc first will I - im rubbish at that sort of thing! Really grateful for your help. Jeanne x

Okay. Go to here:


Download the installer and choose to Save the file for later installation. Make sure you save it to a folder where you'll easily find it. When you've saved the file, use My Computer or Explorer to open that folder. Open a Command prompt (from the Start Menu) and type:

ie6setup.exe /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"

You can choose to download the installation package for your Windows version or for all Windows versions as part of the process. The download will store the entire IE6 SP1 installation on your hard drive for you.

When it's downloaded, simply run the installation to reload IE6 onto your system.

Im sorry for being such a der! I have downloaded it and saved it to my desktop. Can you explain in "Homer" language what to do now?! Command prompt? I know where the start button is but not sure after that :0)

Okay ive found the command prompt but it says:C:\documents and settings\ user ie6setup.exe /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E" 'ie6setup.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Oooops sorry x

Which Windows version are you running? I'm busy for a while here, but if nobody else has responded first I'll write up fuller instructions later when I get time :)

Hi - sorry to be such a pain - Its Windows XP 5.1 with SP2. Thanks again. Jeanne x

Hi again Jeanne.

Sorry for the delay. We're in different timezones, and I'm afraid that unfortunately I'm human and need sleep sometimes :D

I'm very sorry, but I included an extra quote mark in that command. Please try again, removing the final double quote mark and see if it works for you. If not, please do the following:

You've saved the file to Desktop. I think you may be trying to run it from elsewhere, and that is why you are getting the message. Do this:

* Open 'My Computer'
* Double click on your C: drive
* Right click on a blank spot in the file and folder list and choose New -> Folder. The folder will be created with the title 'Blank folder' highlighted. Rename it by typing

ie6 download

and then pressing <Enter>

* Now display your Desktop. Right-click on the file you download to there and choose 'Copy'. Ensure the newly created folder is opened in 'My Computer', right-click on a blank spot in it and choose 'Paste'. That will save the downloaded file to its own folder.

* Click on Start then 'Run'. Enter this command:

C:\ie6 download\ie6setup.exe /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E

You can highlight and copy it from here if you like, and then paste it into the command window. Most problems result from mistyping the command, and copy/paste will avoid that problem.

* The download should commence, and you should get the option to choose if you want to download the version for your version of Windows, or the complete package which includes the installations for all versions of Windows. Storage space and connection speed will help you choose, of course.

I've also included another error in my previous instructions, inadvertantly as I'd not realised you were using Windows XP. There is a small problem, and it can be easily overcome. But the procedure to do so requires you to be very careful!

Windows XP will not allow you to run the downloaded Internet Explorer installation. You will get an error message telling you that it is already installed! You need to 'trick' Windows into thinking it is not on the system, and you can do so with a simple Registry edit.

* Click on Start > Run
* Type regedit and press <Enter>


Making changes to the registry is dangerous. Mistakes will cause problems. The first thing you should do is this:

* Make sure 'My computer' is highlighted in the left Windows pane
* Choose File > Export
* Give the file a name such as 'regback' or similar
* Ensure that 'All is selected as the Export range
* Ensure that 'Registration Files (*.reg)' is selected as the file type.
* For preference choose to save the file to the root directory of your C: drive. Use the drop-down box at the top of the save window to choose your C: drive as the Save location.

This will create a backup of the Registry, which you can later restore if things go wrong.


* You will notice that in the left hand pane of the Registry Editor there is a list of 'folders' with '+' or '-' signs beside them. If the list is expanded out then contract it by clicking on the '-' signs. Continue until you have 'My Computer' listed, and 5 folders with '+' signs beside them.

* We are going to expand one branch of it out, and scroll down to locate a particular entry in the registry. do so by clicking on the '+' sign for the appropriate entry, scrolling down to find the next one, and continuing the process. the order you should expand is this:

Active Setup
Installed Components

* When you reach 'Installed components' and expand it out you need to be careful. There will be an entry which is identical to that last one except for the final two digits. Hover the mouse pointer over those entries and wait for the popup box showing the full entry name. When you locate the correct entry, click on it to highlight and select it. If you have the correct entry, in the right-hand pane the 'default' entry should say 'Internet Explorer 6'

* Locate, in the right hand pane, the entry called 'IsInstalled'. Double-click on it, and change the value from 1 to 0 then press <Enter>

* Exit the registry editor by closing it.

You've now 'tricked' Windows XP into thinking that IE6 is not installed, and you can run the downloaded installation package to reinstall it on your system. All Internet Explorer files will be over-written. Any corruption of files which had occurred should be corrected, and any missing files will have been replaced, hopefully 'fixing' your problem.

Hi Catweazle. You are probably fast asleep now but I have just finished trying what you suggested and ..... it still comes up with "Setup has detected a newer version of Internet Explorer already installed on this system" "Setup cannot continue". Last night I took off the AV software I have which works and put on the old Norton AV software which doesnt work and it allowed me to go onto all the sites I wanted with no problem at all. Obviously, NAV is changing something somehere on my PC when it is installed because its allowing me to view all the websites and menus I am having problems with. However, when I uninstall NAV it gos back to the wold problem of not being able to view certain websites and not showing certain menus on certain websites - sorry if this is getting muddled! The dillema I have is have a non-working AV software on my PC so I can use the internet properly or have a full working AV software on my PC and not be able to use/view lots of sites. I just wish I knew what the problem was - its driving me BONKERS!!!! If you do have any other suggestions i'd love to hear from you. Kind regards. Jeanne x

Hi Catweazle - Just a quickie - something very strange happened this morning. Last night as I was turning the PC off I noticed that IE6download was still sitting on my desktop so I deleted it. This morning when I turned the PC on it said that IE6 had been removed and did I was to update my settings - I gingerly pressed "YES" - the machine booted up and NAV started whirring away and started working properly! :D I waited for it to finish scanning for viruses and then went onto the web sites I was having problems with and - horray - its working okay! I think its probably a BUG somewhere in my computer but at the moment - fingers crossed - its all okay! Thanks for all your help anyway and if you hadnt suggested getting that IE6download in the first place my NAV wouldnt have corrected itself - SPOOKY - Cheers x

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