Ok, yeah... i replied and posted the same topic on a continuous thread... but no one was replying to it... so i made a new one. PLEASE HELP!!!
::; cries ;:: :cry:

First time poster... and I figured this is the best place to ask my questions

Most of it pertains to HOTMAIL/MSN messenger, but I figured someone out there must know about this more than I do, so this post is rather long (and i've provided screen-shots)... so please read it all :mrgreen:

I have several problems with my computer... it was totally infected up the wazoo, so i did the "WIPE IT" program, re-installed/upgraded Windows XP.

I thought "WIPE IT" wiped everything out, but i guess not. Not even 5 minutes after it was re-installed, I get this weird pop up about "lsass.exe" and it gave me 60 seconds before it shut off... eventually i clicked on "Run" and typed in "shutdown -a" which eventually took it off (until i re-booted at least).

Then i downloaded MSN 6.2 on my comp (that's the same one i had before i did the "WIPE IT") and i've started having problems.

I took Screen shots of the pop up that keeps coming up (and it still does)...

-THIS is what's been popping up frequently:


But up until last night... MSN Messenger was working fine for me...until last night, and all day today. And i even copied/pasted that "updatepatch.info" thing to my browser, and all the links in there that were suppose to help were broken and didn't work.

Then THIS is what kept popping up everytime i tried to log on MSN (and i noticed that the sign-on thingie was a lil weird) ... I have since then UNINSTALLED Messenger 6.2 from my computer, then i RE-INSTALLED 7.0... and i STILL get the same pop up as the pic i posted above... and THIS is what i get...

On this ScreenShot... notice the log-in thingie... it's all stretched and weird... (it was doing that before, when all the problems started)


And once again... THIS is what i'm stuck with... but this time the 'system is unavailable' ::: cries :::


The weird thing is, I've deleted all my cookies on this brower, ran a gazillion anti-virus/spyware/adware stuff (all of them deleted)... and I'm still having problems with HOTMAIL/MSN.

My friends have logged me on their computers just fine, but it won't work with mine. (It worked for 2 seconds after i deleted my cookies from my computer, then it went back to the same crap).

THESE problems keep arising with my computer... what can i do about all that i listed?

Help. :cry: :-| :sad: :cry:

~ JiNi

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Now, onto HOTMAIL. I have my primary email account on there, and it's rather annoying that i cannot sign in. I can't get past the "sign in" page... it always says "cannot find server" after i log on =(

and THIS is what i get when i try to log on to hotmail... first screen shot is the sign on page... 2nd is what i get after i 'log on'




Hi Jini,

First of all, you didn't need to use 'Wipe It" as you could have formatted from your XP CD. And I'm afraid to say, your best option at this point is probably to start over, but have a look at these first:

How this probably happened -- http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread16365.html
(When you get your Windows Udates, get SP2, this may help with that -- http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windowsxp_sp2_slipstream.asp)

How to reinstall XP -- http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread6632.html

Next, that "updatepatch.info" is bogus. After you reinstall, you should disable Messenger Service:

Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services; Scroll down and highlight Messenger, right-click the highlighted line and choose Properties. Click the STOP button. Then, in the Startup Type, select Disable or Manual; Click OK.

This probably isn't what you wanted to hear, but I hope it helps.
(If you think you might like to try to clean this mess up rather then reinstall, start a new thread in the Virus forum with a link to this thread and we'll try to help you.)

wow, thanks for all the help. =)

However, i think i will be posting this in the Virus forums as well, because I definitely do not want to go through re-install again O_O That was a total nightmare when i did it before.

I hope that there's something i could do now, so i wouldn't have to re-install.

Thanks for all the help. =D

I strongly advise you to format and start over, Jini.

If you'd like to avoid the problems you had the last time, check the relevent link in my sig about Installing Windows. You'll find two articles there. One is a detailed guide to preparing for the install, the other is a detailed guide to performing it.

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