Why? ok ill tell you why i've used IE since well since i started online and it amazes me how many secruity holes they have left open! for instant look at this what was posted on our site the other day

nternet Explorer Warning Posted by Paul on: 2004-06-26 11:23:34 in category: Headlines [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]
Users are being told to avoid using Internet Explorer until Microsoft patches a serious security hole in it. The loophole is being exploited to open a backdoor on a PC that could let criminals take control of a machine.

The threat of infection is so high because the code created to exploit the loophole has somehow been placed on many popular websites.

Experts say the list of compromised sites involves banks, auction and price comparison firms and is growing fast.

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Now i downloaded mozilla firefox few weeks ago and i will not look back! honestly i did my research theres no nasty holes left open has many more features than IE and hoestly it is twice as fast loading pages and images! go check it out download it try it if you like it set it as your default browser if not delete it it also has many plugins so what you waiting for go check it :D


...Honestly, I can't agree more.

Personally, I don't see why Microsoft embedded its web browser so tightly into the OS anyways. For that reason alone, I'd like to use something that doesn't normally have the ablility to directly modify the registry/system files at the whim of whoever desires to do it,

Why couldn't IE have a "Protected Mode"? Why do you need to be able to modify your registry to watch a Flash animation, or to do anything on the Internet, really?

Too bad it does not work on my computer. :(

Why not? Do you encounter errors when you try to install it, or is it some other problem?

yea what problems? what OS you using? and did you try 0.8 or 0.9?

i want to get it cause m having alot of trouble with spyware but how can i convince my dad to let this be are new browser cause he doesnt like me to mess with the comp

I think it was 0.9. The problem was that it would not open even though it was shown in the Processes in the task manager. I looked up the problem at the Mozilla site and just hit a road block I guess.

It's alright, I am getting a new laptop maybe it'll work on there.

Add/Remove programs, then 'Set program Access and defaults'

<ake sure that you have the browser of choice configured as your 'Default' browser, and reboot to ensure the change has taken effect.

Microsoft's not Microsoft without the loopholes... :D

Go firefox! I've been using it for a while with no problems and no spyware etc!

Theres nothing wrong with IE, it has always has these problems, just untill recnelty know one knew it as widly.

Well IE has grown on me. Microsoft owns me, so.. i use it. I also have firefox. I love its speed and without a doubt is a worthy Microsoft competitor

i want to get it cause m having alot of trouble with spyware but how can i convince my dad to let this be are new browser cause he doesnt like me to mess with the comp

Heck, just install it, then delete any icons that are produced in your Quick Launch bar or your Desktop. You can launch Firefox from your Start menu. Most people I know won't notice too much if there's one more icon in the Start menu... :)