I am much more at home with following the car business than with computers but my computer got some (what I think is called) malware when I innocently downloaded a "free" scanner for viruses and broken links. The "free" scanner found about a 1,000 things wrong on my computer and wanted to sell me their repair software.

I was suspicious because how could my computer work if there were a 1,000+ things wrong with it so I didn't buy the software. BUT it kept reminding me to buy and I kept deleting the small window that came up. This went on for a few weeks but finally went away and I thought I was done with it.

BUT a few months later this company attacked my computer with a large window that pretended to be part of Microsoft but was obviously too crude. This large window with a woman's voice warned me of dire problems AND prevented my home screen from opening.

After switching to a Linux running computer and searching the internet I found DaniWeb and started to get some ideas about how to deal with this malware called "Privacy Center". Using Control-Alt-Delete and the Task Bar on the infected computer I was finally able to end "Privacy Center" and hopefully delete it from my computer. I also deleted several unused programs and empty folders before finding the culprit "Privacy Center".

I couldn't even delete the full folder for "Privacy Center". I had to go into the folder and delete the parts one by one before being able to delete the now empty folder. What a horrible company.

Not understanding how your site worked I am afraid I posted twice while desperate, sorry.

glad you got it figured out. dont worry about the double posting. it happens to almost everyone at some point, somewhere.

there are worse things one could do. :)