Hi all,

There are two different computer science courses that I would like to have your views on.

1) MSc Financial Software Engineering - Essex Uni
Computer studies geared towards financial industry

2) MSc Advanced Computer Science - St Andrews Uni
Common computer studies program seen at other universities as well

Have a look at the modules and please tell me what are your opinions on the course, career types and in general.

Thank you so much in advance

I would opt for 2) .

Thanks. But why 2 ?

MSc Financial Software Engineering for me. The course has clear description of what you getting in (St Andrews Uni handbook is not so clear, at least for me), all modules link provide good info on the subject of study, I will say huge selection on optional modules (12, compare to 5 I got at my university). Lastly if there is not permanent position in any of London financial institution they always looking for somebody on contract ;)

I have a bias towards option 1. I'm a chartered accountant who went on to do a Masters in Computing. The combination placed me in an exceptionally good position as a consultant and contractor. I could understand and help guide user requirements in finance better than "pure" computer people, and financial experts could converse with me easily. I would recommend the combination as an excellent career option every time.

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