1. May someone give me a software name that can restore or recover my files from the reformatted computer. I want a software that is for free, no limitation (e.g. watermark or save disabled). The software must be downloadable from the internet.
2. The second one is a software for the USB that is formated. I want to recover my files. Again I want it to be free, no limitation, and downloadable from the net. I want the pictures and videos to be recover.

Please reply if you have the answer even one of these.
The reply will be appreciated very much.

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Try Recuva. It's from the same people who make CCleaner.

Thank you very much. I really appreciated your reply. You help me a lot. Don't worry I will read your notes.

I want more software advice. My computer is reformatted but I want to recover even my pictures only. The pictures are taken from my graduation and some memorable events.

I read your post.I got you problem,as per my point of view there are many software available according to your need.You should just search them on internet which may support your system and i limit of your requirement.thank you for sharing the post...

I have tried recover my files . . there are features on searching deleted files when it was created or last modified. .i had tried recover files even created for one year.
. .just try it, wehhhh

so what are you trying to say?ATGEX

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