I think(or at least I hope) that He isn't dead,,,, I rally suppose he has just made this show and gone to live somewhere in peace and without anyone knowing he is there or even alive,,,,like Elvis,,,I believe they both are alive

jephthah commented: omg. you're serious, aren't you? +12

May God provide him peace... he was a great personality.. it's ridiculous to talk about what he did wrong..!!
he suffered a lot for his mistakes..!! ! and learned from them...!!

yeh, King's a real schmuck, but he's in a solid conservative district with no opposition.

if they can even find someone to run against him, it's been estimated it'll take about $50 Million to unseat him.

good luck with that.

All this publicity on this, and only $3,200 raised. Who keeps all the money when they can't find anyone to run against him?


i want my dollar back.


I'm going to donate my dollar to the Peter King campaign.

'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson was the first video to air on MTV by a black artist.

Barring Nat Cole (which does not really count because not one single advertiser would support his program), MJ was the first black person to do almost all the things on tv that were reserved to whites; the first black person to completely upend the music industry (and break most of the records (pun intended) set by the Beatles).