I've looked quite a lot on the net, for a large DB (10000xRows as a minimum, and 20 columns), which contains data which I could work on.

I'm working now on my Msc thesis in IT.

In my work I'm testing prediction of cases. I'm running several Neural Networks on DB's.

Where can I find such DB's? When I say DB's I mean DB's with historical data on a human (e.g. ?health history, with deseases - I'm looking for finding the desis before they occure, or cell phone companies db's which contain the current status of the user - left or sill in the company, in order to find ahead who's going to leave, etc.)

Where can I find such things??? It's impossible, at list seems so. What do you say?

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Write an application to mock up the data. You can download zipcode databases that have population data .. and then mock up a cell phone company for a specific zip code. Look at the change over time in population in the zip codes relative to a certain phone CLI (???-xxx-xxxx) and if the population is increasing show a growth in cell phone sales....

Does that give you an idea?

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That's what I would do too :)
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