I've looked quite a lot on the net, for a large DB (10000xRows as a minimum, and 20 columns), which contains data which I could work on.

I'm working now on my Msc thesis in IT.

In my work I'm testing prediction of cases. I'm running several Neural Networks on DB's.

Where can I find such DB's? When I say DB's I mean DB's with historical data on a human (e.g. ?health history, with deseases - I'm looking for finding the desis before they occure, or cell phone companies db's which contain the current status of the user - left or sill in the company, in order to find ahead who's going to leave, etc.)

Where can I find such things??? It's impossible, at list seems so. What do you say?

Write an application to mock up the data. You can download zipcode databases that have population data .. and then mock up a cell phone company for a specific zip code. Look at the change over time in population in the zip codes relative to a certain phone CLI (???-xxx-xxxx) and if the population is increasing show a growth in cell phone sales....

Does that give you an idea?

commented: That's what I would do too :) +36