Hello there, I am working on a little project and have a problem about finding the IP addresses of all the remote computers connected to a LAN network. I will greatly appreciate it if I get the answer to what I need. Thanks.

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Okay, it is time to use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) but, you will need to do multiple searches as I don't think there is a complete solution for what you are looking for out there...

First was a search on vb6 enumerate machines lan which found this...

then of course there is the old standby site with so much information that it just pops up when you search vb get ip from name...


(scroll down to see the different sections...)

Good Luck


So if you are using windows xp go to start button click run,type cmd to initiate a command prompt.after a command window is open type ipconfig and then press enter.the IP address of that particular computer will be displayed including the submask net and the default gateway

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