Have you ever walked into a petshop and seen a "Cavadoodle", or a "Schneagle", or the regular old "Peke-A-Poo" (no I didn't make that one up!). So I thought, what other "designer breeds" can we come up with? Now this is by no means limited to dogs, or cats, or even the common household pet. It can be a hybrid of two completely different creatures.

The aim here is for the first person (myself of course) to list two animals or animal breeds. The next person has to give this new designer breed a catchy name and suggest two more animals for the next person.

So here goes.....

Rottweiler and Guinea pig

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Chitland (which I guess could translate from Mexican to English to something like "one sh1t pony :D ).

Donkey + George W Bush (I know, we may be looking at in-breeding on this specimen :D )

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