Hi all
finally i am the winner of this great game.

(Whistling).. Waiting for you at the finish line!


I'm currently winning

Bumps don't count

I'm withdrawing--I post this note not to take over the winner's place for a short stay but to admit loss. I'm withdrawing from following this strand, I'm not a masochist.
Best of luck to all of you who take the lead, for as long as it may be. Enjoy your bask in glory, for whatever it's worth.

I think i just won?

i win !
do i get something for a prize ?

Nope, just the pleasure of being in last place :)

Only an admin can win, by posting last and then closing the thread.

Or if the user marks this solved :)

No, you can still post on a solved thread.

But it won't count :)

But any moderator can come around, unsolve the thread, post to it, and re-solve it.

... not sure how to counter that without saying something stupid :)... you win :)

You thought you won.

Are you sure?

then at least i'll enjoy this limited time being the winner...

and congratulations in advance to the person next to this post

Okay... i gave you 45 minutes to enjoy your victory... Now i will take the crown again :)

2 minutes is enough for you .. :)

I gave you 45 and an extra 4 minutes!!!!

It's okay, i took the lead.

then doubling 2 minutes is 4 ... there.. 4 minutes will do this time..
congrats man

Thank you

no you don't